7in1 Happy Birthday Bounce House

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Unit Size:22' x 19' x 15'

Required Area Size:28' x 25' x 18'

Recommended Gender:Boys & Girls

Max. Riders Allowed:10


Rent this 7in1 Happy Birthday Bouce House Combo for your next party.

What You Should Know When Having a Bounce House!

  1. We Inspect, Sanitize and Clean all bounce houses on-site.
  2. Total price is Subject to Delivery Fee and Taxes.
  3. Measure the area to Make Sure You Have The Minimum Area Required.
  4. There must be a Power Outlet Within 50 ft from the setup location.
  5. We can only setup on Grass, Asphalt or Concrete. Not on rocks or sand.
  6. We often have to arrive several hours early in order to have parties delivered on time.
  7. If the weather turns bad, there is no fee to cancel or reschedule.

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