4in1 Princess Bounce House

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Unit Size:21' x 16' x 15'

Required Area Size:25' x 20' x 16'

Recommended Gender:Girls

Max. Riders Allowed:8-12


Our 4-in-1 Disney Princess Bounce House Combo Rental has the latest in fairytale fantasy for any birthday party in miami. This amazing bouncy house features Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White. Kids will engage in an enchanting play inside the princess bounce house with one of four activities, including a fantastic slide.

4-in-1 Disney Princess Bounce House Combo 360 View

Click the “Directional Arrows” buttons to rotate the 4-in-1 princess bouncing house combo and get a 360 view. Experience the 4 features of this amazing bounce house unit.

Rent our Princess bounce house combo to let everyone have fun with enough activities for endless hours of activity. It has a large interior jumping area and a basketball hoop for group interaction. Also comes with a ladder to climb and conquer with a fun and fast slide, entertainment for even the most active child!

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