22ft Adventure Water Slide

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Recommended Age:6 and up

Unit Size:36' x 12' x 22'

Required Area Size:40' x 16' x 22'


Our 22ft Water Slide is our tallest waterslide we have on our inventoryPerfect for teenagers and adults that will surely be a hit on your party, family picnic, school or any other event. This water slide  brings lots of fun to any party or event. It has a pool attached at the end of the slide and can also be attached to our 32ft long Slip n Slide at an additional cost.

22ft Water Slide Rental Features

  • Actual Size is 30′ L x 12′ W x 16′ H
  • Ladder with safety steps and hangers for easy climbing
  • Wide Slide and large pool area for kids and adults of all ages

What do I need to rent this waterslide?

  • Lots of space, 40ft long and 16ft wide with a 22ft height clearance.
  • 2 electricity outlets, preferably separate to avoid tripping the breakers.
  • Water hose available within 50 ft of the setup area

Want something bigger, longer and much more fun?

Optionally, you may also rent the slip n slide and connect it with this 22ft waterslide to make a huge waterslide combo.

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