Mickey Mouse Bounce House

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Recommended Age:2-8 years

Unit Size:13' x 13'

Required Area Size:20' x 20'

Recommended Gender:Boys & Girls

Main Features:Themed


3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.

Our licensed & fully theme Mickey Mouse Bounce House Rental will inject your next party or event with a little club house fun, as Mickey and his pals invite everyone to the Mickey Mouse Club House! Three-dimensional Mickey ears helps show the way, and sharp, colorful artwork make participants feel they’re at Disney! This moonwalk features Mickey, Minnie, Daffy, Daisy, Goofy and the Mickey Mouse’s faithful pup, Pluto, perfect friends for kids to jump alongside all day!

10 Things YOU should know when renting a Bounce House!

  1. There must be a clean, flat area and 18ft x 18ft space and 15 ft of overhead clearance.
  2. There must be a power outlet within 100 ft of setup area, we include the extension cord.
  3. Never place a water hose or water in general onto the inflatable unless it is a water slide.
  4. Never allow any use of silly string near the bounce house, it damages the vinyl.
  5. Avoid excessive spilled food or drinks inside the bounce house.
  6. All riders must remove shoes, glasses and sharp objects before playing in the inflatable.
  7. Threat of inclement weather, lightning OR thunderstorms are present, children should exit the inflatable.
  8. Should the unit begin to deflate have all children exit the unit immediately.
  9. Your personal supervision is absolutely required at all times.
  10. Give us a call to let us help you with your rental!
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