16ft Waterslide

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Recommended Age:5-18 years

Unit Size:30' x 12' x 16'

Required Area Size:40' x 18' x 18'

Recommended Gender:Boys & Girls


Our 16ft Water Slide Rental with beautiful ocean colors, easy front slide and ladder on the front is our most popular water bounce house we have. This water bounce house rental brings lots of fun to any party or event. It fits into in most spacious backyards and it is perfect size for all ages. Miami waterslide rental are very popular in South Florida because of our humid and hot weather.

Water Slide Features

  • Actual Size is 30′ L x 12′ W x 16′ H
  • Ladder with safety steps and hangers for easy climbing
  • Wide Slide and large pool area for kids all ages
  • Inflatable Waterslide manufactured by Bouncing Angels

10 Things YOU SHOULD KNOW when renting a WATER SLIDE!

  1. There must be a clean, flat area and 36ft x 18ft space and 18 ft of overhead clearance.
  2. There must be a power outlet within 50 ft of setup area, we include the extension cord.
  3. Will not be swtup on concrete or rocks, for your kid’s safety it must be setup on grass.
  4. Never allow any use of silly string near the bounce house, it damages the vinyl.
  5. Avoid excessive spilled food or drinks inside the bounce house.
  6. All riders must remove shoes, glasses and sharp objects before playing in the inflatable.
  7. Threat of inclement weather, lightning OR thunderstorms are present, children should exit the inflatable.
  8. Should the unit begin to deflate have all children exit the unit immediately.
  9. Your personal supervision is absolutely required at all times.
  10. Give us a call to let us help you with your rental!

Get The Affordable Water Slide Rental Package!

Get a waterslide party package which includes this water slide rental, 1 concession machine, 15 chairs and 1 table for $249.00 + delivery fee & tax. Give us a call and you may qualify for free delivery if you are located within 5 miles of our location.

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